• Testimonial

    "Your art looks absolutely fantastic on the website but in person, wow they are beautiful! I cannot wait to fill up my home with your art!

    I will be making another order again soon!"

    D. Schulman

  • Testimonial

    I bought one of Nicole’s cutting board’s. It arrived today, it is beautiful. I like that it was wrapped really well, the colours and waves are so pretty. I chose one with a Starfish and I’m happy I did, it all looks so great together. Also included were instructions on how to care for your board to keep it looking beautiful. I would definitely purchase from her again.

    D. Beads

  • Testimonial

    What can I say about Nicole‘s art!! Oh my goodness I have ordered a beautiful geode, beach, smaller pieces, Tray, bowl, Beach commission, I am addicted!!Each piece is absolutely gorgeous and made with loveI highly recommend ordering something right now if you’ve been waiting and debating on it, do it!! Hang the piece of art in your house and enjoy it day after day, you won’t regret it!

    T. Dea

  • More Amazing in Person!

    "Oh my goodness, they are even more amazing in person! I have sent a picture and this is not their final location but I will send another photo of their final location once they are hung there! Thank you!"

    W. Pei

  • About the Artist behind the art..

    Welcome to Nicolespaintescape. The artist is Nicole, a nurse, a mom of two and when she is not hustling the duties of family life and her main profession she escapes into her art studio. She began her art journey as soon as she could hold a pencil, and art has seen her through many chapters in life since.

    A little fun fact about Nicole.. above all else in life when she was younger, she wanted nothing more but to design concept cars.. she even submitted designs to GM, Ford and Honda, but didn't know how to properly protect her drawings. GM even kept her drawings after a phone call with her but she never heard anything more of it. Nothing career geared came out of her artistic ability until she discovered resin art.

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    Have a question? Want to start the commission process?

    There is a "chat with us" button to the lower right of the screen. This puts you in direct contact with the artist! If she cannot get back to you immediately leave a phone number or email address and she will be sure to get back to you on all your art décor related inquiries as soon as possible.

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Welcome to our little slice of Escape. The ocean is a both a place of beauty, but also a place to unwind and find healing. We want our art to inspire the viewer and transport them to a soothing seaside escape, or to a luxurious modern dazzle of crystal beauty found in a geode. Here you will find newest released pieces, and limited stock pieces. Prepare to immerse yourself in a little piece of cove, all you need is the sound of tide, the warmth of the sun.. but you can skip the sunscreen.