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Art is the expression of the beauty in the world around us, and your space should reflect that. Where you spend time should have a calming, uplifting ambience. Make your space resonate with you.

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  • Testimonial

    "Your art looks absolutely fantastic on the website but in person, wow they are beautiful! I cannot wait to fill up my home with your art!

    I will be making another order again soon!"

    D. Schulman

  • Testimonial

    What can I say about Nicole‘s art!! Oh my goodness I have ordered a beautiful geode, beach, smaller pieces, Tray, bowl, Beach commission, I am addicted!!Each piece is absolutely gorgeous and made with love I highly recommend ordering something right now if you’ve been waiting and debating on it, do it!! Hang the piece of art in your house and enjoy it day after day, you won’t regret it!

    T. Dea

  • Testimonial

    What a great experience dealing with Nicole, she answered my questions and my item was shipped and arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The piece is beautiful. Thanks Nicole! 5 out of 5 ⭐️!

  • Testimonial

    Love Nicole’s work! I bought two pieces one for each of my moms they were loved by all!!! I give 5+ stars I just need to win the lotto and buy all her pieces!! Thanks for the amazing service Nicole you are totally a wonderful, genuine person and a pleasure to meet! Anyone needing pieces, this is your women!!!! Thanks for everything!

    Ashley S.

  • Testimonial- collector

    I've got ten of your pieces in my bedroom and master bathroom now and each look exactly like that's where they are supposed to be. I wanted a serenity zone out of those two areas and your work definitely allowed that to happen and set the mood I was looking for!

    Daren S.

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Multimedia collage

Seaside Inspired Wall Artwork

Seaside Inspired Wall Artwork

Everything decor with ocean waves, sand, and shells. Can't get the beach?... 

About the Artist

Hello and welcome! I am Nicole, the artist behind NicolespaintEscape.

From the young age of 2, there was always a pencil in my hand, but most of my life I had no idea what to do with my artistic inspirations.

One day trying to bring life to bare home walls and unable to find wall art that spoke to me, I decided to create my own, as well as something to balance my mental health, art became my "mental yoga", with water themes becoming prominent.

Having a pull toward the ocean, the peace it brings along with the healing of water and natural beauty in our world around us, my art has a heavy emphasis on the stunning imagery of the world's shorelines and oceans.

It is my goal as an artist and even as a health care professional to bring some of that peace, healing and serenity into someone's home so I can help your space go from everyday to extraordinary.

I have achieved this for many clients, and many have become collectors, bringing head turning views and stunning color home to their spaces.

Thank you for visiting my studio! Please have a look around, and hit the chat button to speak with me directly about any art inquiries.


*** Important dates!! Mark your calendar!***

We will be on HOLIDAY from June 22nd-July2nd, SHIPPING WILL BE UNAVAILABLE at this time! Shipping CUT OFF for current orders is June 15th to ensure prompt arrival. Make your order BEFORE JUNE 15/2022. Shipping and orders resume after July 4th.

Mark your calendar for new product launch July 16th!

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