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Nicole's paint Escape

"Presence" 3d Resin Geode

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$2,050.00 CAD
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$2,050.00 CAD

Dimensions 24x36" on a gallery birch frame.

Alcohol ink was used in the blues to bring out depth and various shades in the color. The 3d agate focal point is backlit and comes with the ability to light the crystal part of the painting.

Packed with authentic quartz crystal, those who believe in the healing manifestation of quartz will appreciate this piece. Luxury and healing to elevate your space.

This original resin based painting was created in the wake of loss. When we lose someone, we feel this immense void in the wake of their absence. I created this painting in that wake, to ultimately heal and remind myself that even though that presence is no longer physically with us, we carry that loved one with us.. we keep their memory and their presence alive.

This painting is to commemorate the beauty left behind by every soul who has left this world, and what they brought us. We will always keep our loved ones alive in their memory.

This painting is very heavy and should be professionally hung.



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