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Nicole's paint Escape

"Breathe"- Amethyst Inspired Quartz Wall Art

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$649.00 CAD

Dimensions 22x30x1.5 inches on a birch wood panel. 

The purples and opal hues intertwine and create a color shift in different lighting. Painting this piece I needed something to center myself, finding my soul in a dark place as sometimes we find ourselves with everything so uncertain.. I had to keep reminding myself to "Breathe"...


I hope this piece brings peace like it did for me. Centering those who look at it and reminding them to find inner peace. 

A large true Amethyst agate crystal is found in the texture center of this painting, with crushed crystal and opal stones surrounding it. 

** Resin art is heavy. Ensure to hang your art with the appropriate hardware for the weight of your art and appropriate placement on your walls always. Nicolespaintescape highly recommends having a professional hang heavy artwork and will not be held liable for injury or damage of mishandled or the hanging of artwork. 


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