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Nicole's paint Escape

"Black Sand Beach" Resin painting

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$1,250.00 CAD
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$1,250.00 CAD

Dimensions 24x36" on a birch wood canvas, weight appropriately 20 lbs

Missing the beach? this painting will take you there. An original Resin finished painting with 3d waves, and details that will make you feel like you've uprooted a piece of a black sand beach and placed it on your wall. 

Inspired by the black beaches of Big Island, Hawaii.. let the 3d aspect of this resin painting transport you beach side off the black sands beaches of Hawaii.

 True tocks, crushed black sands and starfish add to the 3d elements of this piece. Realism is always a goal of mine in making my beach scapes, I want the viewer to feel transported sea side with the salty breeze in your face, and the water coming in at your feet.

This painting is one of a kind, original resin art. We do not replicate our paintings, so grab it before someone else does!


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