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Nicole's paint Escape

Frosted Mirror Tray

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$125.00 CAD
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$125.00 CAD

Purple, silver and a little silver frosted accents give this 12 inch mirror tray a festive feel. 

Perfect for a perfume or jewelry tray in a bathroom, this tray lights up with warm champagne shimmering hues, a refreshing lavender and silver highlights.  

Serving of food on Resin***

No resin is food safe no matter what the labeling may state. ALWAYS use a barrier when serving food on resin. This barrier can be a thin piece of plastic wrap or a garnish piece of lettuce that will be discarded. Use care when handling food items around resin. Nicolespaintescape is not to be held liable for any reactions or exposure with handling of food on items sold.

Care- Resin very easily marks and should always be cleaned with a microfiber towel and non abrasive window cleaner. Keep out of extensive exposure of UV light. 

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