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Large jewel toned serving tray

Large jewel toned serving tray

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Gem stone hues of deep emerald moss greens meld with a rich royal blue color combination in this luxurious serving tray. 24k gold leaf add the fine detailing of metallic lacing running through the colors. True quartz crystal add a final luxurious detail for this tray to accentuate any touch to your space and serving experience.

Dimensions: 22 inches long by 15 inches wide from its furthest points. 

Care- Resin very easily marks and should always be cleaned with a microfiber towel and non abrasive window cleaner. Keep out of extensive exposure of UV light. We do not recommend the use of sharp edges or knives on this board, it will inevitably cut the resin finish. Cut all items prior the use of the board. This board was made with an FDA approved food safe resin, however to prolong longevity of life, it is recommended you use a barrier such as a garnish lettuce to serve your items on. 

If used for cutting, we cannot gaurantee this wood will not score or mark. Do not cut on the resin treated surface area.

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