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"Rosier" -sold

"Rosier" -sold

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"Rosier" or Rose-

 "Looking through rose colored glasses".. something that inspired the look of this painting. The intention to capture something light, yet soothing with the colors of a soft grey accenting highlights of pearlescent white and dusty pinks laced in gold.

This painting shimmers and boasts a tranquil aura with the subtle glitter lines, the ribbons of gold and its dancing blends of color. The textured focal point boasts an authentic true quartz crystal cluster set in a druzy imitation setting. 

Dimensions: 28 square inch radius on a birch panel.

"Rosier'" is a blend of beauty and tranquility that will accent any feature wall in your space. 

** Resin art is heavy. Ensure to hang your art with the appropriate hardware for the weight of your art and appropriate placement on your walls always. Nicolespaintescape highly recommends having a professional hang heavy artwork.


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